Anime And Cartoon Characters

Anime Characters.

We will discuss some more about Anime and cartoon characters in this page. Best of the Best main Anime Characters till date. List has been according to my preferences of Anime. Hope you guys enjoy the list. The list is down below.

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  • Monkey D. Luffy
    The main character from the Anime One Piece is Monkey D. Luffy. The story revolves around a little kid who follows Shanks path of becoming a pirate and ruling the sea. You can check him and his crew out over here.
  • Son Goku
    Son Goku is the main character in this anime. It is called, Dragon Ball Z. This show is pretty much action-packed as well as funny. The word Dragon Ball refers to the seven balls which are numerated 1 to 7 when collected all, a legendary dragon named Shenron appears and grants the person anyone wishes s/he asks for. Son Goku determines to fight powerful foes than him to be stronger every day.
  • Ryo Saiba
    The most idiotic character ever. Ryo Saiba aka ‘The Cleaner’ is the main character of Anime show called, “City Hunter”. An ex-hitman who’s skill surpasses any other army officials or hitman when it comes to handling weapons. He works as a private bodyguard to those women who are in desperate need of help. XYZ is the name of his company.
  • Kurosaki Ichigo
    A young lazy ass teen who can see spirits and sees the Shinigami”Death God”, somehow manages to become one to save the people around him from haunted spirits.

Cartoons Characters

Meanwhile, Cartoon characters are different than anime characters. Some of the popular cartoon characters over the decades are listed down below.

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  • Mojo Jojo
    The badass character from the show called, “The Powerpuff Girls.” He is pretty intelligent despite being a chimpanzee. The only dream he sees is the dream to overcome human mankind with monkeys and robots. But, despite what he does the Power Puff girls stop him at every episode.
  • Sponge Bob Square Pants
    Deep inside the sea lives a sponge in a town called “Bikini Bottom”. He is the head chef in a mini restaurant which is known for it’s famous burger aka “Krabby Patty” owned by Mr. Krab. Mr Krab is one hell of a cheap guy in the show doing what he does best to make something out of nothing.