Introduction To Cartoons

Cartoons are a simple type of illustrations, mostly sarcastic in nature. Cartoons were first aired in the USA. The first-ever cartoon show aired back on 1960’s. If you like sitcoms you should watch classic shows like Johnny Bravo, The Flinstone, The Jetson family, The Simpson, South Park. Some of the most popular cartoons are PowerPuff Girls, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Johnny Quest, Scooby doo, Thunder cat, etc. This type of show made its own impact during the 80’s and 90’s all over the world. Cartoons are pretty funnier in nature.

Cartoons from 90s. The best characters.
Cartoon characters.

Generation Z 2000.

Since there has been a significant rise in watching anime more than cartoons competition has started among the fan base. Some fan base community has even started to diss out anime lovers for no reason. So, they can just satisfy themselves. But, it is mostly believed that cartoons have taken a huge amount of market in Western countries. The countries like USA, Australia, New Zealand etc. Children from those regions mostly prefer to watch cartoon shows over anime shows. Cartoons characters are a bit more childish in nature than the anime characters. Explicit content cannot be seen in cartoon shows. Cartoons characters are still funnier in its own than anime character and, because of that Anime shows mostly has explicit content. So, that it can keep on gain more audience than before.

In Summary, we can conclude that during the time frame of 80’s and 90’s the vast majority of childre and some adult even prefered to watch cartoon shows that aired back in Cartoon Network television channel. But, since the late 2000’s the content in cartoon shows has not been the way it was back in the 80’s and the 90’s. So, we can assume that cartoon shows doesn’t take the lead majority of audience now a days. And, let’s hope it can get back on it’s track and again, regain it’s own platform. To know more you can check on Wikipedia.


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Cartoons list.

1. Thunder Cats.

It’s about humanoid cats which is similar to alien with mysterious power and skillsets. Cartoon Thunder Cats dates during the late 80s and 90s. Cartoon-like Thunder Cats were pretty much very popular when it aired on Cartoon Network.

2. Johnny Quest.

It’s about a kid and his scientist father who travels to various dimensions and, adventures. They solve new and different mystery and, face a different kinds of problems on every adventure. In this cartoon they usually time travel.

3. Scooby Dooby Do.

Cartoon Scooby Dooby Do is about a team of college students who hunts for the hidden truth behind every ghost stories happening around them with their vehicle also known as Mystery machine. They reveal the truth about haunted mansions, houses, places, parks etc. Cartoons like this are the real reason it has its own fan base.

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