Dc Universe Introduction

Dc Universe

Dc Universe is another hot topic in the market every time a movie is launched under its banner. Dc Comics was founded in 1934, USA. It started right after an All-star comic was launched in 1939. The first theatrical release of DC movie was in 1951, Superman and the Mole Man. The list of some movies are down below.

Dc Cartoon Movie List.

Dc Universe comic has been successful since the 1930’s. Some of the Dc Universe movies are as follows.

NamesRelease Date
1. Superman: Doomsday1. September 21, 2007.
2. Justice League: The New Frontier2. February 26, 2008.
3. Batman: Gotham Knight3. July 8, 2008.
4. Wonder Woman4. March 3, 2009.
5. Green Lantern: First Flight5. July 28, 2009
6. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies6. 29, 2009
7. Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths7. February 23, 2010
8. Batman: Under the Red Hood8. July 27, 2010
9. Superman/Batman: Apocalypse9. September 28, 2010
10. All-Star Superman10. February 22, 2011
11. Batman: Year One11. October 18, 2011
12. Justice League: Doom12. February 28, 2012
13. Superman vs. The Elite13. June 12, 2012
14. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns14. January 29, 2013
15. Superman: Unbound15. May 7, 2013
16. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox16. July 30, 2013
17. Justice League: War17. February 4, 2014
18. Batman: Assault on Arkham18. July 29, 2014
19. Justice League: Throne of Atlantis19. January 13, 2015
20. Batman vs. Robin20. April 7, 2015
21. Justice League: Gods and Monsters21. July 28, 2015
22. Batman: Bad Blood22. January 20, 2016 
23. Justice League vs. Teen Titans23. March 29, 2016

These are some of the most popular cartoon movies under Dc. These movies should be kept as a bucket list for the comical fan. To watch them online for free links are down below.

  • Amazon Prime Video.
    The link is inside the next page. This site is for paid subscriptions.
  • Kiss Cartoon
    This site is easy to use and free to watch cartoon movies.

Dc Universe Theatrical Releases.

MoviesRelease Date
1. Superman And The Mole Man 1951
2. Stamp Day For Superman1954
3. Batman1966
4. Supergirl1984
5. Batman Returns1992
6. Catwomen2004
7. Batman Begins2005
8. Superman Returns2006
9. The Dark Knight2008
10. Watchmen2009
11. The Dark Knight Rises2012
12. Man of Steel2013
13. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice2016
14. Suicide Squad2016

To watch these movies by paying for hd quality. The links are down below.

Premium App

  • Netflix
    This is for the premium user who doesn’t want to google the free links.
  • Amazon Prime Video https://www.primevideo.com/region/eu
    You can subscribe it for a month and watch some of the movies listed on their website
  • Hulu Plus https://www.hulu.com/welcome?orig_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F
    Another place you can get a subscription and watch movies, series without any interruption.
  • HBO Now https://www.hbo.com/
    HBO now provides you extra movies as well as series if it’s made under the production of HBO. There are exciting series as well under its banner. You ought to check it if you are ready to pay.
  • Google Pay
    Nevertheless, Google pay also lets you download movies at a certain cost. You can get some movies from your google play store as well, if you’re interested in it.

Free App

  • Solar Movies https://www2.solarmovie.to/solar.html
    This is a free site if you don’t want to pay to watch movies. It is worth a while to check it out if you’re into watching stuff for free.
  • Torrent https://yts.mx/
    Most of the cartoons or movies are uploaded in torrent. You can use any torrent and download their magnet link to download any movies for free. There are several torrent sites as well.
  • Kickass torrent https://kickasstorrents.to/
    One of the best of the best torrent you can get out there. The seeder and leecher of every torrent found over here are better than most of the other torrent sites.
  • RARBG https://rarbg.to/index37.php
    Another fine torrent site. You can get your movies and series free over here as well.
  • Popcornflix https://www.popcornflix.com/pages/discover/d/movies
    You can get both desktop and mobile app for this site. This is pretty much best to check for had movies and series.

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