Anime vs. Cartoons

Introduction: Anime and Cartoons

Anime vs. cartoons, is it really different from one another? Don’t both of them fall under the same category? Can we not consider Anime as an upgraded or, an advanced version of cartoons? Or, can we really drag this topic so much that we can create another argument about it? Let’s try to find out and discuss more about.

Anime vs. Cartoons facial features.

Introduction to Facial features of Anime and Cartoons. Anime characters have pretty much distinct facial features. It is made as if it is real. Physical variations can be found among different characters from ever series. Anime is kind of real alike experience to watch. Cartoons characters are funny to watch and different than the Anime characters as we can see in different shows. Cartoons characters have almost the same facial expression or, body feature in almost every shows. The feature cannot be found in cartoons.

Run Time Anime vs. Cartoons.

Anime usually is about 24 mins and, more than that time is considered as special or movie. Whereas, cartoons can vary from 3 minutes long to over an hour.

Anime Vs Cartoon characters face off
Face off.


Anime is a Japanese product based totally for Japan but, the uprising in its audience has grown more over the years. It has been there for more than 50 years and it is growing more than cartoon shows.

  • Cartoon is an illustrated art form mostly used in newspapers. They are usually handwritten illustrated versions that may be realistic or, nonrealistic in nature. It can be in different form or art. Cartoons can vary according to the artist and, satire or humor. It can be mostly found in a newspaper article or magazine. It doesn’t have a specific run time like animes.
  • Cartoons characters are pretty different than Anime characters as we can see in every shows. Cartoons characters have almost the same facial expression or, body feature in almost every shows. The feature in anime is different than that. Every character is different in every way.
  • Anime runtime should be a minimum of 24 minutes to call it an anime, more than that are a special or a movie.
  • Cartoon runtime can vary from 2 minutes to even an hour. It doesn’t have the required run time. It can vary according to the show.
  • Animes are like real-life drama, it consists of what a normal person in life has like, emotions, romance, arguments, and so on so forth. It contains vast content like a movie does.
  • Whereas, in the case of cartoons it mostly focuses on making satire content or, funny content to make the viewers laugh. A person cannot relate to any kind of cartoon.
List of Anime and Cartoons.

– Cartoon List

  1. Scooby Dooby Doo
  2. Thunder Cat
  3. Swatcat
  4. Robocop
  5. Johnny Quest
  6. Speed Racer.

– Anime List

  1. One Piece
  2. Inuyasha
  3. Dragon Ball Z
  4. Bleach
  5. Naruto
  6. City Hunter
  7. Detective Conan
FAQ on Anime vs. Cartoons

Some of the questions usually asked about the topic when it’s about Anime vs. cartoons.

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Q: Which one provides a better storyline? Anime or Cartoon?
A: Well, it depends on your preference actually. You can usually find cartoons to contain more sitcom material whereas, in anime, it’s like watching movies.

Q: Which one has more run time?
A: Well, you can definitely say anime since, normal run time of any anime is minium of 24 minutes.

Q: Where did Anime start from?
A: From Japan.

Q: Which is easier to find online to stream?
A: That would be anime as well. Since, many people tend to share it on the internet than cartoons.

Q: Which one has got the most audience overall?
A: Hmm, I guess that would be anime as well. Since, anime is almost watched all over the globe where as, Cartoon tends to be watched from North America, South America and, New Zealand, some part of the Europe etc.